Private Sessions - Online or in Person

Wanting to share the great experiences of Anahata Yoga practice Sytske is teaching at home to anyone interested in wanting to feel a bit better. Anahata Yoga focuses on learning to love yourself, exactly as you are and being compassionate about the things you want to change. Classes are available for adults any age, any ability, any experience and flexibility. If you are consider yourself not flexible enought to do yoga, you will benefit a lot from just starting!

Every person is different, every yoga session is different. Together we find what is most beneficial each time. This can be relaxation in time of stress, powerful movements in times of frustration, nurturing when you just need to take it easy.

The class will include breathing (Pranayama), physical (Asana) and relaxation exercises (Nidra) according to the school of Anahata Yoga, playing with the 5 Element Form.

No previous yoga experience required, however we can mix in movements or exercises you already practice or want to practice more regularly. We also offer Private Family Yoga sessions for parents / carers and their children age 2 - 12. Classes can be taught outdoors, at home, at your workplace or online (Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime, with a sufficient video connection. Please contact us here for information

How to book?

To enquire or book an initial trial session, please complete the contact form. We will then contact you to discuss the options, without any an obligations to confirm. For online session you can book a time slot directly via our booking page.

We look forward to helping many new or experienced yogis to find what works best for them in their own life, space and time.