Corporate Sessions

Working in a stressful environment, whether this is in an office or location, deadlines and demanding clients are everywhere.

With our event background we can offer an Anahata Yoga session in almost every location or situation. We are happy to discuss your challenge and give your team, client, colleagues, audience, delegates some time to breath. Book online 1-2-1 yoga classes via Zoom or Teams directly via our booking page.

Please enquire via the contact form.

Previous Corporate Events

Yoga Session: Welfare for Delegates

At popular demand, after an initial trial at annual ILMC Production Meeting in 2017, Sytske continues teaching a 20-30mins class to the delegates of the IPM in London. In suits and smart casual wear, delegates turn off their phones, put down their coffee and take off their passes to sit, breath, stretch, move, relax and re-energise. Joined by delegates of the Greener Events & Innovation (GEI) conference, this is one of the most popular Break Out Sessions of the day, with delegates requesting additional sessions during ILMC taking place the consequetive days following IPM.
Yoga = connection = networking.