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Anahata Yoga

With Anahata Yoga as our main tool we are looking to explore How Many Yogis we can create by bringing yoga into the daily life and work.

Anahata Yoga is the name of the fourth primary chakra located at the heart centre. Anahata chakra represents love, compassion, charity and balance. Anahata Yoga is more than exercise and poses (Asana), it is a way of life, a philosophy, it encompasses a way to breath (Pranayama), to walk, to interact with other people. It is something we would encourage everyone to try, no matter their background, experience, age, gender, shape or form.

Learning to love yourself, being compassionate about the things you want to change. It may sound a bit scary, perhaps airy fairy to some, but actually makes life a bit easier, more fun even. Come give it a try...