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SCHOOL TERM: Yoga for Kids 1 hour After School classes at Jacksons Lane (Highgate) from £6

We will offer specialised sessions focussing on the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation for children, aiding the child's development – physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually. We meet the children where they are and take them on a yoga adventure, including story telling and movement.

- Drop-in Rate £9
- Discount when booking full Autumn term in advance, 14 classes = £6 per class
- Parents are welcome to wait in the cafe
- Please bring a (basic) yoga mat.

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SUMMER HOLIDAY CLUB: Yoga for Kids 3 hours sessions in August 2019 at Jacksons Lane (Highgate) from £22.50. Dates: Wednesday 21st August, Thursday 22nd August, Wednesday 28th August & Thursday 29th August. Each session will be different.

These 3 hour sessions, from 10am - 1pm are aimed at children ages 4 - 9 yrs old and will include a regular yoga class with mindfulness and meditation elements, with additional songs, games and arts & crafts in the Anahata yoga tradition.

- £40 per session for drop-ins (when booked after 19th / 26th August)
- £35 per session when booked before 19th / 26th August
- £25 per session when booked before 10th August --> Further discount when booking all 4 sessions before 17th August

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